“To unleash the full economic benefit of these openings, Colorado needs to expand investments in training and education for its workforce to make sure residents are ready for [middle skill] jobs” From the Ft. Morgan Times


Skills2Compete addresses the skills gap between the jobs of today and tomorrow and today’s workforce, from adult basic education through middle-skill jobs. In November 2007, the National Skills Coalition (then The Workforce Alliance), with hundreds of endorsing organizations, launched the national Skills2Compete campaign. The campaign’s signature publication, America’s Forgotten Middle-Skill Jobs, made the initial case for a 21st-century skills guarantee that could address the unmet demand for U.S. workers with middle-skill credentials.


The Skills2Compete-Colorado Coalition is a multi-sector coalition that includes representatives from adult education, post-secondary education, workforce development, business, and the advocacy arena. In 2010, SkillBuild Colorado convened a Skills2Compete Advisory Committee to work with the National Skills Coalition to develop a middle-skill jobs Report for Colorado. That report, published in October 2011, provides the basis for educating policymakers and the public about opportunities in middle skill jobs and need to improve the strategic investment of resources for training in these occupations.

The Skills2Compete-Colorado campaign, now coordinated by the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, promotes the policy recommendations of the Skills2Compete Advisory Committee.

Skills2Compete Colorado Advisory Committee